Vegan2U makes delicious food from our 100% vegan kitchen . 

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Vegan Fusion

Chris Brzezicki is a chef with a varied culinary background. He started his food service career in 1979 and since then has held many positions from garde manger to baker, dishwasher to vegan deli innovator.

Chris developed his own style of vegan cuisine drawing from familiar Midwestern comfort foods. His sweet tooth has led to the creation of many decadent and satisfying desserts and baked goods.


Carol Brzezicki is passionate about living a vegan lifestyle. Her cuisine reflects the Latino comfort foods of her childhood with a plant-based twist. Carol believes healthy and hearty vegan meals are a win/win/win -- for the animals, the planet and us!   -  802.479.0767

Wealth becomes useless and Intelligence cannot be applied" - Herophilus 

  "When health is absent: Wisdom cannot reveal, Art cannot manifest,