•   is Michael Greger MD’s  fantastic site!  So many subjects covered here, complete resources always cited.   Sign up for daily educational videos.  Our go-to site for any health question.

  • Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine is a non-profit health organization that promotes plant based programs emphasizing healing and prevention.  has many good articles from Neal Barnard MD, a longtime advocate.



  • The China Study - T. Colin Campbell PhD and Thomas Campbell MD.  The book that started the Plant Pure Nation movement!   T. Colin Campbell also penned Whole,  a nice companion to the former.

  • How Not to Die - Michael Greger MD’s book is full of practical advice on tackling all the preventable diseases with a plant powered lifestyle!

  • The Engine 2 Diet -  Rip Esselstyn -  We love Rip’s honest answers to all the common misconceptions about nutrition.

  • The Plant Pure Nation Cookbook  - Kim Campbell  is one of our favorite inspirations!




VeganCuts  - 

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Wealth becomes useless and Intelligence cannot be applied" - Herophilus 

  "When health is absent: Wisdom cannot reveal, Art cannot manifest,